Information Proficiency Announced as Finalist - Most Impactful Social Benefit - WAITTA 2017

The WAITTA INCITE Awards showcases ICT innovation and excellence across 10 awards - recognising individual achievement, product innovation and project excellence. The program provides opportunities to both the companies at the cutting edge of technology innovation as well as leading professionals across the industry to be recognised and celebrated.   On Friday the 16th of June WAITTA Awards were announced.

Information Proficiency made it through all the stages to become a finalist. The submission for the award was under Most Impactful Social Benefit and for a project at DFES capturing content from the field during emergency incidents and feeding it live to Records Manager and the control room. This category had 5 finalists including us. Unfortunately we did not win the final award but we are proud to have made it to the finals.

We would like to offer our congratulations to all winners, including Global Live who won this category. The Balconi Smart Torch was developed by Global Live, is a handheld two-way video conference system is primarily developed for remote telehealth care. The newly developed technology provides most remote and disadvantaged communities access to medical specialists globally, with connection over Satellite, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi.

The video for our nomination is available below:


IMGF2016 WA Innovation Award

Congratulations to the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) on winning the WA Innovation Award at the IMGF2016. We are especially proud because we were involved. See below for information about the project:

The Problem 

  • How do we capture critical information as quickly as possible?
  • Information is low on the priority list during a disaster but critical for assessment later
  • Critical information would continue to be lost or delayed
  • Full assessment of disasters would never be possible

The Solution

  • HPE Records Manager
  • Deployment to all units beyond the records and administration teams
  • A solid month of training for staff has recently been conducted 
  • 29 field scanners purchased to allow for immediate capture

The Outcome

  • Field staff can focus on the job at hand knowing the information they will require later is being captured
  • Our staff were craving the ability to be enabled in the field
  • Now we’re able to react faster during disasters and use information previously not available for post event analysis 
  • The 2016 / 17 fire season will be our ultimate test

Have a look at the presentation below:

DFES IMGF2016 Presentation - A Strategic Asset


Proficiency Group wins 2014 Kofax Award

Pictured left to right: Reynolds C. Bish- Chief Executive Officer, Kofax; Alex White – Technical Director, Sigma Data Solutions; Lisa Read White – Director, Sigma Data Solutions; and Howard Dratler - Executive Vice President, Field Operations, Kofax

The Proficiency Group has been named Kofax’s Asia Pacific Partner of the year at Transform 2014, Kofax's annual customer and partner conference, which drew a record 750 attendees from 32 countries.

The Proficiency Group provide ICT Services within the fields of Business Process Management and Information Governance. Trading under the name Sigma Data Solutions the organisation provides solutions to improve business process efficiency, improved customer service, reduce processing costs and achieve regulatory compliance.

 The winners were chosen by an expert panel of judges comprised of Kofax executives and independent industry experts Sandy Kemsley of Kemsley Design, an independent analyst and application architect specializing in business process management and the social enterprise, and David Tyler, Editor of the UK's document and content management publication entitled Document Manager.

"These winners truly embody the theme of Transform 2014," said Grant Johnson, Chief Marketing Officer at Kofax. "They‘ve taken Kofax products and solutions and deployed them in innovative ways to increase responsiveness to customers, provide a higher level of service, gain competitive advantage and better manage and grow their businesses. We applaud every winner for putting action behind their vision."