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Information Proficiency (The Proficiency Group) partners with Kapish. Kapish is a software and services company focused exclusively on HP TRIM. Kapish offers products that extend and improve the functionality of TRIM:


Digitus Information Systems - InMailX

Digitus provide inMailX, an enterprise email management, compliance and productivity suite for Microsoft Outlook, which provides the functionality and tools users need to effectively manage their emails and attachments.  inMailX integrates seamlessly with records and document management systems, cloud and network folder structures, helping users improve their email filing compliance.


Sigma Range

Information Proficiency and Sigma Data Solutions have created a range of software products compatible with HPE Content Manager, Records Manager and TRIM. These add-ons extend your existing investment in HPE Content Manager, Records Manager and TRIM extending the functionality to improve business processes and the user experience.

The Sigma product range (previously known as inTRIM) includes Sigma Pictures, Sigma Imports, Sigma Logs and Sigma Respond.