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ELO Dynamics CRM

The link between ELO and the Microsoft CRM system permanently extends the functional scope of customer management processes. 

All customer related information such as contact data, sales opportunities, sales figures, and organisational charts are available in CRM with only one mouse click. And that's not all, because a full array of additional information and documents such as manuals, contracts, invoices, bids, and emails are available on the local hard drive or in other business applications. 

Thanks to seamless integration in ELO, all customer-related information is readily available in a process-relevant manner. Marketing personnel will find all necessary customer information in their familiar CRM environment. In addition, non-marketing personnel can readily find the information they're looking for by searching in ELO without the need to install the CRM platform. 

This cuts costs, creates transparency in regard to customers, and streamlines what would otherwise be labour intensive internal processes. In addition, other business applications such as ERP can be integrated via import procedures such as ELO Cold and ELO XML.