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ELO Signature

The ELO signature component is integrated as standard into all product lines of the ELO electronic document management system. Therefore, documents can be signed and stored in a legally-compliant manner. Managing signed electronic invoices in particular becomes child’s play. Other benefits are the considerable time and cost savings.

The signature component has a multitude of functions. For example, the user can directly compare and check the electronic signature from the ELO system with an accredited trust centre. The signature thereby not only protects the document from manipulation, but also proves who signed it. The convenient re-signing of digital signatures that have expired and the direct imbedding and multiple signing of PDF/A documents are also possible in ELO.

You can save money with ELO Signature. For example, the tax authorities only accept the input tax deduction in the case of online invoices when they have a digital signature. It is particularly because of this that user-friendliness and simple handling are amongst the top priorities of the electronic signature component from ELO.

ELO Signature considerably simplifies adhering to the statutory provisions as per the Principles of Data Access and Verification of Electronic Documents. In addition to this, ELO supports chip cards from all accredited trust centres. 

The legal framework of the electronic signature is defined in various acts. Therefore, it is legally valid to treat the electronic signature as being equal to a signature done in one's own hand.