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ELO Internet Gateway

The module for electronic document management via the World Wide Web. The ELO Internet Gateway facilitates quick and platform-independent access to a central ELO document archive. The user is independent of location and hardware. He can access the ELO document archive from anywhere he likes via a browser.

With ELO Internet Gateway, access to the document archive can also be made possible via the Intranet within a location. This is particularly good for those employees who do not need to access the full functional scope of ELO. The big advantage in this is that the user only sees those functions which he uses.

The ELO Internet Gateway converts the complete document archive into HTML code via the ELO Web server. The ELO search client accesses the ELO Web server (regardless of the platform, e.g. Windows, Linux, Macintosh) via the Web browser. ELO supports the usual browsers that are currently available, such as Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. There is also the possibility to work via modern browsers with CSS 2.0.

The clarity of the interface in the Intranet and Internet is an appealing aspect as the Internet clients have practically all of the same program elements as the Windows client. Helpful functions such as search screens, reminders, workflows and priority management round off the line-up of functions.

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ELO Client 

The interface between you and your PC makes it easy to manage documents

The user can access the ELO document archive via the ELO client and avail of the full functional scope. The client communicates with the server and exchanges information with it. Thus, the server carries out the commands which the user gives it via the client. With ELO, there are various ways in which to access the ELO document archive - via the Windows or Java clients, the ELO Internet Gateway or directly from File Explorer via the file system driver.

An outstanding aspect of the ELO Client is certainly the enormous functional variety connected with an intuitive user interface. Thanks to the simple-to-structure archive, ELO facilitates optimal administration of process and activity-related corporate documentation. Automated version management, workflows, reminders and logical copies ensure effective handling when processing electronic documents. All Office applications as well as fax and e-mail can be seamlessly linked with ELO for this. The link to Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange and the integration into Microsoft Office are integrated as standard in ELO.