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ELO Notes

The integration of ELO with Lotus Notes creates a high performance DMS platform where, without any modification of users' familiar work environment, documents and emails can be exported directly from Lotus Notes to ELO for read-only archiving. This export process minimizes the amount of data stored in the Lotus database, since only current processes are stored there. 

ELO also greatly improves the performance of the Lotus system as a whole. ELO document archiving and searches are realised via the Lotus Notes interface in such a way that ELO runs in the background and the user's familiar environment and work procedures remain unchanged. For example, when documents are generated via scanning, all documents and the requisite administration information are automatically backed up in the Lotus Notes database. 

ELO automatically incorporates documents from the repository once processing has been completed. All data in ELO can be readily stored in read-only mode on any optical media for viewing in Lotus Notes. 

During the active phase, the user uses Lotus Notes to generate and process documents that are in their active phase. Lotus Notes passes these documents to ELO for archiving. Efficient and powerful functions such as form recognition, ELO Cold data import and workflows allow for seamless documentation management.

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ELO XC: your guarantee of having the right information available at the right time and place. ELO XC is an email management program that allows for automatic and read-only email archiving. 

Thanks to the Service Oriented Approach (SOA) embedded in ELO, information contained in emails can be readily linked with current business processes, including all email attachments. In addition, the integrated signature and time stamp components provide outstanding security and evidential value for your archived emails. 

The solution's extensions mainly focus on all dimensions of knowledge leveraging, i.e. optimal intermeshing of all available information with business processes. ELO XC provides extensive configuration options and freely defined rules, thanks to the system's server based components. This allows you to link inbound and outbound emails according to specific topics, projects and the like. In addition, the rule based management functions can be extended via structured and self-learning information retrieval using ELO DocXtractor.