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ELO SAP allows for robust integration with SAP R/3 / or SAP B1. One of the key advantages of using the SAP interface is that it allows SAP documents to be exported comfortably into ELO, which then archives the bulk data in read-only mode. 

Robust access mechanisms ensure that while processing is ongoing, an original image of each SAP document can be displayed for the user in a matter of seconds. This function also allows scanned and other electronic documents such as Microsoft Word Excel documents to be integrated into SAP, sorted according to procedure, via earlier or later capture. 

If the document is entered later, it generally passes through the workflow as a hard copy. Electronic documents are linked with the relevant SAP booking via an ELO Barcode that is put on the document, thus allowing for fully automatic archiving in ELO once processing has been completed. 

If the document is entered earlier, scanning is realised upon receipt in the mail, with the result that it goes through the company's entire workflow as an electronic document. ELO's workflow functionalities allow you to achieve highly efficient document flows. The system provides both ELO and SAP customers with a solution that prevents any discontinuities from occurring in the value creation chain, unlike the situation in many businesses, where paper documents are still subject to a series of time consuming manual processes despite the bulk of the existing business processes having been digitalised. 

The interface allows for cohesive processing without any media transfer problems, and in such a way that lengthy searches, labour intensive manual processing, and high document archiving costs are avoided.

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ELO Dynamics ERP

ELO can be integrated seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics Navision and Axapta, thus allowing documents to be captured securely and reliably and archived in read-only mode in ELO in accordance with various electronic document management standards such as AO, GOBS and GDPdU. Moreover, thanks to ELO's powerful search tool, records are displayed instantaneously. 

Related correspondence with customer, partners, and vendors is archived in ELO and can be readily accessed via Microsoft Dynamics. What's more, bulk data can be integrated and processed equally seamlessly using applications such as ELO Cold or ELO XML. 

ELO Barcode allows scanned documents to be processed automatically and to be archived automatically in ELO according to process.

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ELO Sage AccPac

Easy Search and Archive functionality is the main aim of this Australian Made interface. Automated indexing runs in the background providing fast information availability.