Support Alerts

We would like to remind you of the upcoming End of Support dates regarding these products.

Key Program Dates:


Program Activity

 Aug 31, 2016

 End of Full Support for TRIM 7.2x

 Jan 1, 2017

 End of Sale (no longer order able or available for purchase)

 May 31, 2017

 End of Full Support for TRIM 7.3x

 Apr 30, 2018

 End of Support for Records Manager 8.0x, 8.1x & 8.2x

 Aug 31, 2018

 End of Self-Help Support for TRIM 7.2x

 May 31, 2019

 End of Self-Help Support for TRIM 7.3x

 April 30, 2020

 End of Self-Help Support for Records Manager 8.0x, 8.1x & 8.2x


Please keep in mind: In accordance with the contractual terms, your Software should be on a supported available release. You can verify the support timeline for the specific version of the product you are using on Software Support Online. Please make sure that your Software is on a supported version throughout the period of your support contract. You can contact us if you need any additional help.

It is recommended that all customers update to the 8.3x version of Records Manager or 9.x version of Content Manager. HPE Content Manager is the new name for HP TRIM / Records Manager since July 2016.  Please note that HPE Content Manager 9.0x and later uses a different product structure (compared to HP Records Manager 8.0x and prior TRIM versions). The new licensing model provides your organisation more flexibility to add user seats with new user types. You will need to update your support contract in order to obtain the license keys for HPE Records Manager 8.3x or HPE Content Manager 9.x. Please contact us to initiate the support contract update.  

 Detailed information regarding this discontinuance can be found at:

HP Records Manager 8.0x, 8.1x & 8.2x

Records Manager 8.3x provides the following new capabilities:

  • Enhanced web client functionality and user experience to make the web client the universal UI for nearly all licensed users in the system, including knowledge workers, casual contributors and read only users.
  • Support for Office 2016 and Windows 10. HP Records Manager 8.3 will allow customers to manage information governance across the Microsoft ecosystem.
  • Enhanced SharePoint/Office 365 integration.
  • Rebranding – all components are now HPE compliant and feature the Hewlett Packard Enterprise element.
  • Support for Spanish language.
  • Enhanced Web Client featuring new physical records management capabilities within the UI.
  • Enhanced Document viewing and search functionality
  • DataPort and database upgrade tools are optimized for functionality and performance, resulting in faster ingestion of content from third party sources and a streamlined upgrade path.
  • Easier integration of 3rd party custom code into the web client, expanding its integration capabilities with other applications.

TRIM & Records Manager Support

Should I be using a 32-bit or 64-bit version of TRIM / Records Manager?

This question comes down to the architecture of the Microsoft Office Suite you have installed and want to integrate with TRIM. The architectures should match meaning a 32-bit Office Suite would require a 32-bit version of TRIM. The 64-bit version of TRIM best for server hosting needs, giving it greater performance. You can also have the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of TRIM installed in parallel.

HPE Records Manager 8.3.0 (9088) Patch 1, Hotfix 5

An important patch for HPE Records Manager 8.3.0 (9088) is now available.

If you require assistance locating or installing this patch please contact the help desk at +61 8 6103 8424 or email

Patch 1 Hotfix 5 only applies to HPE Records Manager version 8.3.0 (9088) and contains fixes for the issues;

  • QCCR2D57705 - Insert Object can be used without proper permissions
  • QCCR2D57824 - Database - Oracle - Schema Repair RM 8.3 fails (Unicode)
  • QCCR2D58582 - Using Explicit Windows Authentication will crash Outlook Add-in
  • QCCR2D58584 - Version search - No results unless * is added to end of record number
  • QCCR2D58603 - Oracle - Browse via Classifications when the client has more than 248 group memberships produces an error
  • QCCR2D58602 - Oracle - Extremely slow query handling for Container queries
  • QCCR2D58657 - Saved searches failing to upgrade

Please be sure to contact the help desk (+61 8 6103 8424) should you have any questions.


Release Type: Minor

Platform: On-premise

Release Date: 23rd November 2015

New enhancements have been added to improve the user experience for all clients and the product has been rebranded for Hewlett Packard Enterprise. We continue to build more of the desktop client functionality in the Web version this release enabling it to be a more suitable client for end users, simplifying deployment considerations for implementation and site upgrades. The SharePoint integration is a strategic enhancement and will be continued to support the latest versions and features of the Microsoft roadmap. The SharePoint integration will help HPE Records Manager to drive information governance across all business processes.

New Features

HP Records Manager - Web Client

Continuing on from the 8.2 release, more new functionality has been added to the web client which allows for better document management support. New features include:

  • Tag and Task functionality added for Records, Requests, Email Requests, Locations, Saved Searches and To Do items.
  • New Record Actions – Option to create new Records, Parts or Versions from a displayed record.
  • New Records location - users can update the Location metadata of existing records.
  • Configurable Results Size - users can decide on the number of items that they want to see displayed in search result list.
  • Pages – Users can easily move through multiple pages of search results with a User friendly interface.
  • In line with customers requested, we have enhanced Request capabilities within the Web Client.
  • Thesaurus terms- users will be able to search for and attach thesaurus terms to records.
  • Easier integration of 3rd party customization into Web client.
  • In addition we have continued to enhance existing web client functionality. This includes:
    • Enhanced document viewing - Users can choose to bypass the HPE Records Manager viewer or use the Onstream viewer to view electronic documents.
    • Enhanced date/time selection- new control allows users to use current date or select their date and time.
    • Saved searches – Saved searches are enhanced to support ALL HPE Records Manager objects and has also been moved to new navigation panel.
    • Enhanced Error Message – Error messages containing more User guidance and information.

HP Records Manager SharePoint Integration

  • Editable exposure – This feature provided in an earlier version has been reintroduced in 8.3.
  • Management rules - Rules can now be defined to specific content.
  • Identification of Trivial Information – Content can be marked “Trivial” based on rules.
  • Item level auditing has been added to show the audit history of an item.
  • Lifetime Management policies have been enhanced to specify a condition based on content type of items.
  • Configuration history – function to view configuration history.

HP Records Manager – Desktop Client

  • Customize the shortcut bar – user can now add or remove commands in existing shortcut bar.
  • Users can now customize the ribbon to create unique ribbons.
  • Users now have the ability to create saved searches on behalf of the another user without the need to be a Search Administrator.
  • A new Navigate option has been added to Client type records. Users can select a Client type record and navigate directly to the related Matter type records.

HP Records Manager – General

  • Database Upgrade tool has been rewritten to improve the performance of upgrades.
  • Added support for Windows 10 and Office 2016.
  • Data port has been enhanced to enable exported/imported objects to include Security Levels, Caveats and To Do items.

Market Withdrawal HPRM version 7.3

HP Big Data Solutions will shortly announce the withdrawal from market of HPRM version 7.3.

Any last orders for 7.3, needs to have been received and processed by HP before 31 October 2015.

See also HP TRIM End of Support Reminder

HP Records Manager 8.2 has now been released

Enhancements over version 8.1 include:

HP Records Manager

  • User Interface – Ribbon toolbars
  • Instant On - User onboarding
  • Workgroup Server Connections via HTTPS
  • Support Work to enable HP Records Manager in the Cloud
  • Additional Security Authentication options for Client Connection access and Dataset access
  • New Patching and Hot fixing Mechanism
  • oneilBridge™ Warehouse Integration
  • Conversion of proprietary email format to EML
  • Improved Audit Logging
  • Updated User Permissions
  • Update to IDOL 10.10 and KeyView 10.24

HP Records Manager Web Client

  • Supports - To Do Items
  • Enhanced Location Functionality
  • Drag and Drop Documents
  • Improved Searching
  • Home Screen Improvements
  • Thin Outlook Integration
  • Thin Office Integration – Templates

HP Records Manager SharePoint Integration

  • Management Rules
  • Search
  • Exposure (Read Only)
  • ADFS Support

Autonomy Records Manager 12.6.2x  

Autonomy Records Manager 12.6.2x - End of Support - HP is announcing discontinuance of all versions of Autonomy Records Manager (ARM) 12.6x, formerly known as CA Records Manager and FileSurf effective as of the dates below:

March 23, 2015

Product discontinuance announced

June 01, 2015

End of sale (ARM is no longer orderable or available for purchase)

February 28, 2017

End of (Committed) Support for Autonomy Records Manager (ARM) 12.6x

February 28, 2019

End of Self-Help Support for Autonomy Records Manager (ARM) 12.6x

Meridio 4.3x, 4.4x, 5.0x, 5.1x, 5.2x and 5.3x - End of Support

HP is announcing discontinuance of all versions of Meridio 4.3x, 4.4x, 5.0x, 5.1x, 5.2x and 5.3x effective as of the dates below:

March 23, 2015

Product discontinuance announced

June 01, 2015

End of sale (Meridio is no longer orderable or available for purchase)

February 28, 2017

End of (Committed) Support for Meridio 4.3x, 4.4x, 5.0x, 5.1x, 5.2x and 5.3x

February 28, 2019

End of Self-Help Support for Meridio 4.3x, 4.4x, 5.0x, 5.1x, 5.2x and 5.3x