Micro Focus Specials 2019 February

Enhance the power of Content Manager.

CM Modules and ControlPoint now on special pricing!

Regain control of your organisation’s information while super-charging your Content Manager world with the ControlPoint, OCR and Auto-Classification Modules!

Limited time pricing – offer must end 28 February 2019.

The ControlPoint module for Content Manager can identify and delete documents on network shares that have already been put into Content Manager. ControlPoint can also help identify records that have been classified incorrectly in Content Manager, reduce the chance of duplicate documents being stored in Content Manager and streamline the migration of content into Content Manager.

OCR and Auto Classification Module Bundle Offer
Get two of the most powerful Content Manager modules for an amazing price:

OCR Module - The OCR module allows Content Manager to unlock text from image files, allowing users to search by that text. All this without the reliance on a third party imaging application or making any modifications to the original document.

Auto Classification Module - Leverage the machine learning capabilities of your content indexing engine with the Auto Classification module. Records can be captured into high-level entry points in your business classification and it will then automatically reclassify them into a lower-level branch.

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