Archiving and Sentencing

Information Proficiency can catalogue and sentence your records using your Retention and Disposal Authority(s). We will prepare and box your records for destruction, long term retention or archival storage in accordance with state or national authority guidelines.

Information Proficiency has an experienced team who specialise in managing the cataloguing and sentencing of records. 

Benefits of using our specialised team include higher processing output, high accuracy and reduced processing costs. Business benefits include higher confidence in record holdings, better search results, reduced storage costs, improved risk management and improved compliance.

Optional scanning and OCR of documents is available.

Processing can be performed onsite or offsite.

Information Proficiency has a proven track record in helping Private and Government agencies manage their information.

Retention & Disposal Authority

Both private and government sectors are required to manage and prove the correct disposal of their records. A Retention and Disposal (R&D) Authority or Schedule is often developed to govern this process. 

Information Proficiency has experienced Records Consultants who can work with your staff to assist in the development or updating of your R&D Authority. 

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