Content Manager Cloud Hosting

CMCloudImage Simple and Flexible, Enterprise Content Management in the Cloud

The advantages of cloud storage range from lower storage costs to ease of access across the business. Access and distribute information amongst your employees efficiently and easily with a Content Manager “cloud” solution with Information Proficiency.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is when software is installed on infrastructure that is not within your office network. The servers used are typically deployed by Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services.  

What ways can Content Manager be Cloud Hosted?

  • Through deployment/integration into pre-existing cloud infrastructure. This is the equivalent of “renting” a server. This will still require maintaining the servers and application configuration by your IT department.
  • Through the assistance of Information Proficiency; we can help with the installation and configuration of the application either with or for you.
  • We also offer application hosting on your behalf. We rent the server install the application and configure connectivity between you and the cloud server. We also maintain the servers and application.

How Can Moving to the Cloud Help Me?

CloudStorageBubble Cost Saving & Flexibility: there is no need to purchase new hardware or software, bring your existing perpetual Content Manager licences with you or convert to a subscription model, the choice is yours.

Remote Access: staff working remotely, whether that’s a home office or mobile workplace, can access documents for their work safely and securely wherever they have an internet connection.

Regular Document Backup: documents are stored off site and stay up to date whenever they’re edited, meaning you have a disaster-resilient storage system as well as current cloud backups for all documents that you can retrieve and access at any time*.

Security: with built-in security services that include unparalleled security intelligence to help identify rapidly evolving threats early, and data encryption automatically applied before continuing to the cloud, you have peace of mind that your information is secure.

Large or small, regardless of the size of your business, if you’re looking for a versatile, cost saving system for your electronic records storage and management, whether fully managed or hosting only, contact us to discuss a solution that best suits the needs of your business and budget.

To discuss moving your Content Manager environment to the cloud please contact us on or call +61 8 6230 2213.

*requires a stable internet connection.