Managing Records in Microsoft 365

As Records and Information Management specialists we have been working more and more with businesses of all sizes to implement Microsoft 365 as a Records Management system.

Microsoft has expanded the capability of 365 and Azure to accommodate many Australian recordkeeping and information governance requirements.

Information Proficiency has developed significant expertise in configuring Microsoft 365 and Azure to support both private business and government organisations.

Services have included:

·       Migrating content from EDRMS systems to SharePoint

·       Moving EDRM systems on to Azure hosting

·       Integrating Teams and SharePoint with Content Manager

·       Applying disposal labels across content

·       Strategy and Policy development

·       Configuring Azure, M365, Teams, SharePoint

·       Developing Power BI reports

·       Setting up Stream and recording training videos

·       Applying compliance centre controls


If you would like to explore using Microsoft 365 to manage your Information governance, contact us on +61 (8) 6230 2213 or email us


Adoption Strategy

We can help you develop a Strategy to take advantage of the features in Microsoft 365 that are appropriate for your organisation and information management strategy. We will work with senior stakeholders to draft a strategic plan defining what needs to be achieved, what issues must be addressed, what policy is required and what actions need to be taken to ensure that M365 is a well governed and productive system for your organisation.


Information Proficiency have completed hundreds of records migrations between systems and can work with you to migrate your existing records into M365. The migration can include data cleansing, data standardisation, and applying security, file plan structures and metadata.

Ongoing Management

Information Proficiency can manage and monitor your M365 environment so you can focus on the important income generating functions of your business. We can help you commission the environment as well as support your business with the ongoing management.