Reporting and Analytics

We have developed a range of reports for many of our customers. We can work with you to deliver our standard set of reports or custom develop a solution to match your reporting requirements. 

Reporting and monitoring helps:

  • Build trust and confidence in systems
  • Understand user behaviours
  • Identify trends and developing issues
  • Identify areas to focus on improving
  • Ensure timely reaction to any concerning activity

It's good practice to have monitoring and reporting in place for all business systems.

Develop specific purpose reports to review:

  • Specific users (unusual activity, or routine off-boarding process)
  • Internal staff role changes

Monitor access to systems and data:

  • User Access reviews (security & permissions)
  • Evidence of access level (security & permissions) granted by appropriate authorised person (data custodian versus system owner)
  • Timely termination of user accounts (offboarding)
  • Privileged account access and activity monitoring

Activity monitoring:

  • Unusual activity
  • Unauthorised changes (security, configuration, logs)
  • At risk activities (removal of documents, replacement of documents, removal of versions, documents emailed)

Data analysis and monitoring reports:

  • Statistical reports
  • Trend analysis
  • Data representation
  • Issue identification
  • Behaviour monitoring
  • Improvement strategies

Maturity assessment reports:

  • Record keeping maturity overview
  • ACSC essential eight maturity overview
  • ACSC cyber security mitigation strategy adoption results