Verint Lagan CRM 15.2 Connector for Content Manager

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An integration between Verint Lagan CRM and Content Manager enables the capture of CRM information as records within Content Manager.

The typical use cases for the CRM are:

1)      Customer emails an enquiry into the CRM monitored mailbox. A case is automatically created, and a customer service officer updates the case, and provides a reply.

2)      Customer sends an enquiry in via fax or postal mail. A customer service officer creates a case manually in the CRM.

3)      Customer makes an enquiry at the front desk. A customer service officer creates a case manually in the CRM.

4)      Customer service officers update the cases, directly within the CRM or via email, which provide feedback to the customer.

In each of these cases, one or more records are created in Content Manager containing all the relevant metadata associated with the case, including any electronic documents attached.

Each interaction with a customer is recorded as a separate case in the CRM, even if the CRM is used to formulate the response. To effectively manage this situation, all CRM interactions that are generated from the same initial case will have the corresponding records in Content Manager related together.