Sigma Classify

Security Classifying at Creation

The practicality of classifying all newly created, collected and disseminated MS Word documents is challenging for any organisation, especially when these documents are stored outside of the corporate management system. Along with locking down all alternative storage locations and mandating your document management system, the best solution is to insist on classification at the point of creation. This is where Sigma Classify steps in...

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Classifying a Word Document

Sigma Classify will intercept the save process and request a classification. Security classifications are accompanied by a description enabling correct selection. 

To classify a document, simply open it in Word and click the classify icon. The classification dialogue box will appear with a full description next to the classifications giving the user confidence they are selecting the correct classification.

Custom Classification And Descriptions

Comprehensive Metadata Mapping

Provide your classifications and descriptions and we will make sure they are set up and ready for you to install and use.

Default Classification Behaviour

  • Creating a new word document: Defaults to your preferred classification
  • Opening a previously classified document: Displays the current classification
  • Opening, changing and saving an unclassified document: Prompts the user for a classification
  • Renaming a previously classified document: Prompts the user for a classification


Sigma Classify can be installed on any computer running MS Word.


Sigma Classify is a new product that will continue to be developed ensuring compatibility across all supported MS Word versions. The product continues to be developed ensuring compatibility across all supported TRIM, Records Manager, Content Manager and Microsoft Windows versions. The minimum requirements are Windows server 2008, Microsoft IIS 7.5 and Micro Focus Content Manager 9.3


Our standard software support agreement includes access to the support help desk and new versions of the product as they become available.