Take the Work Out of PDF Management:

pdfDocs allows the creation, collation, editing, redaction, annotation and securing of PDF content. Users can print, email and save documents from within the Organiser workspace and profile documents into a document management system. They can also set up Organiser workspaces for specific cases, matters or projects complete with output and security settings, which can be shared on a network drive. It can also be utilised to create electronic PDF binders and automates the process of converting and assembling a large amount of documents into a single or multi-PDF.

Key features:

  • Collate multiple documents from different sources in project-centric workspaces
  • Enhance PDFs with headers/footers, page numbering, watermarks, stationery and security settings
  • Edit, OCR, collate, split filed, redact and stamp documents with Bates numbering
  • Mark up an annotate documents for review
  • Create electronic PDF forms to capture business information and to apply digital signature to streamline workflows and approval processes
  • Secure documents by preventing document changes

These are the standard features, however pdfDocs is also available in professional and enterprise editions.


Send Secure Emails:

When sending an email, cleanDocs allows users to check the recipient list for external or blacklisted email domains, Reply All and Forward actions to ensure the right information is being sent to the right people, and the user's actions are as intended. Users can also rename and clean attachments of metadata based on a specific company policy, and convert attachments to PDFs or add to a ZIP file for secure distribution.

Scrub Metadata:

The metadata scrubber removes more than 100 metadata types from Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and PDF/A documents in milliseconds, and is easy to configure.

Key features:

  • Removes more than 100 metadata types
  • Cleans documents at sub-second speeds
  • Cleans Office, PDF and ZIP filed
  • Cleans password-protected files
  • Rename attachment, convert to PDF, add to ZIP file
  • Set up enterprise cleaning policies
  • Easy to use Configuration Manager graphical utility‚Äč

These are the standard features, however cleanDocs is also available in professional and server editions.


Accurately Compare Documents:

compareDocs compares two documents for differences across all document types and delivers unprecedented accuracy and efficiency, catching every insertion, deletion, or move in every document. compareDocs is a Windows-based application and is available in Standard (no DMS integration) and Pro (with DMS integration) versions. compareDocs cloud is available as an Office 365 Add-in and as a Windows 10 App, making document comparison available on a PC, laptop, Mac, Surface Pro, iPad or phone.

Key features:

    • Compare two versions of a document for changes
    • Compare Word, PDF, Excel or PowerPoint documents
    • Output Comparison Report as redline or track changes document
    • Built-in OCR capability for anything-to-anything comparison
    • Integrates with MS Office applications
    • Integrates with Document Management Systems‚Äč

Recently Added:

    • Compare Selected Text - Lets you quickly compare sections of text from Microsoft Word, rather than an entire document.
    • Compare Clipboard Text - Text copied to the Clipboard can now be compared for both supported and non-supported files.
    • Compare in Outlook - You can now compare selected Microsoft Office attachments in Outlook.
    • Compare anywhere for iManage 10 users - Now integrates with Manage 10 to enable users to compare on the go. Users will be able to connect to compareDocs or compareDocs cloud based on the device or machine.
    • iManage Server AD FS authentication - iManage users can authenticate server login using Microsoft AD FS.


Make Every Document Searchable:

contentCrawler’s ORC module can identify non-searchable content in a Document Management System database or a subset of documents based on specific queries. The OCR module converts this content to text-searchable PDFs, saving them back into the Content Repository as new or replacement documents.

Reduce File Size:

The contentCrawler Compression module enables Administrators to compress image and PDF documents in their DMS. Converting image documents to PDF and applying compression and downsampling to the files reduces overall file size.

Key features:

  • Assesses and analyses documents in a content repository for OCR and/or compression processing
  • Processes image-based documents such as TIF, JPG, PNG and image PDFs
  • Converts image-based documents to text-searchable PDFs adding a text layer for enhanced searching Reduces image-based document file size using a variety of JPEG compression standards
  • Processes image-based attachments in emails Set compression and text thresholds to optimize processing, ignoring documents that do not meet the requirement