inTRIM Sigma Logs (inTRIM)

Logs inTRIM

Gives administrators the ability to find data about HPE TRIM (HPE RM or CM) usage from HPE TRIM's text and online audit logs

  • Its detailed interface allows you to find the exact information you're looking for quickly
  • Supports legacy TRIM 6 & TRIM 7 logfiles as well as newer HP RM logfiles
  • Allows users to search CM logfiles stored in CM

Latest version: 1.7.1, released 5 Feb 2016

Compatible with:

  • HP TRIM 7.2.x
  • HP TRIM 7.3.x
  • HP RM 8.0.x
  • HP RM 8.1.x
  • HP RM 8.2.x
  • HPE RM 8.3.x
  • CM 9.0.x
  • CM 9.1.x

Licensing Cost:
$3,500.00 (ex GST)
Annual Support:
$700.00 (ex GST)

Sigma Logs enables you to search, monitor and report HPE TRIM, Records Manager, Content Manager (HPE CM) audit logs.

This handy tool helps Administrators track down what happened (and when) without the pain of looking through hundreds or even thousands of individual log files.

Sigma Logs can be used to:

  • Identify who has been logging in
  • Discover the most active users
  • Identify failed logins
  • Know when access controls and security settings have been changed
  • Take action on security breaches
  • Report on logged events
  • User Access reporting chart over a specified time period
  • Automatically picks up new object and event types that come with new versions
  • Automatically add new events as they are added to new versions of HPE CM


Sigma Logs includes an investigative tool to extract information from general use statistics. These include but are not limited to:

  • Determine how many records are being generated over a period of time.
  • Find out how many users are performing a particular action
  • Extract data into a tab delimited text file which can be read in MS Excel, or
  • Files can be imported into an external database.

Comprehensive Searching

Sigma Logs is designed to allow the user to search the HPE CM Audit and Billing Logs using the following parameters:

  • Date range
  • Event
  • The user that performed the event
  • HPE CM record
  • HPE CM record type
  • HPE CM location
  • Free text

Search parameters can be saved and loaded. Search results can be exported to a file or printed.


Sigma Logs can be installed anywhere (client or server) where there is access to the log files generated within HPE CM. Searching can then be performed over multiple log files with date range filters to limit results.


Sigma Logs is a mature product that continues to be developed ensuring compatibility across all supported TRIM,Records Manager, Content Manager and Microsoft Windows versions.


Our standard software support agreement includes access to the support help desk and new versions of the product as they become available.